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Past Reviews

Return to the Onion Cellar at

Fringe NYC 2010

Theater Is Easy: Fringe NYC Reviews

“Bottom Line: If you love rock musicals like Spring Awakening and American Idiot, then you'll enjoy this production. Boyd definitely shows passion.”


“Return to the Onion Cellar by Samantha Boyd: This rock musical features a terrific score, performed by Boyd as part of an onstage band... Return to the Onion Cellar has off-Broadway potential.”

Queens Bar Bulletin Culture Corner Fringe NYC Encore Series Review

“A musical that was not in the Encore series, but that I saw during FringeNYC 2010 was Samantha Boyd’s Return to the Onion Cellar which was for me the best musical. Miss Boyd is a genius, with a terrific and powerful score... Samantha Boyd has all of the essentials.”

“With the advent of musicals like Broadway's American Idiot, a rock opera with little actual dialogue that addresses a story through the themes and feelings generated by its music, rather than conventional musical theatre storytelling, the landscape of the American Musical seems to be shifting. Return to the Onion Cellar, conceived wholly by writer-composer-performer Samantha Boyd and playing at this year's New York International Fringe Festival, is another step toward this musical evolution. Return to the Onion Cellar's superb music holds the show together. With songs ranging from ballad to rock to rapid fire Bob Dylan-esque talk-singing, Boyd is a truly gifted composer (and possibly an even more gifted musician: she plays a saw with a bow at one point). The Onion Cellar "house band" (with Boyd on piano) are all extremely talented musicians and, teamed with the invested, energetic cast, they bring Boyd's great compositions roaring to life. Highlighted by "Going Under" (a sprawling multi-vocal part song performed by the company), and "Write What You Know" (an emotional solo piano piece performed by Boyd), Boyd's music is this piece's true heart. The songs do such a good job of conveying the show's feeling, it makes me wonder what a future draft of Onion Cellar would be like. Often, we bottle things up and put on a strong front, usually to our own detriment. Return to the Onion Cellar assures us that it's ok to feel; and its strong, emotive music makes sure we do.”